Top 20 Apps to Sell Stuff: Sell Anything For Cash Online Fast

Because of how fast our purchasing power has improved over time, we also pretty much accumulated quite too many stuff in such a short span of time. Too many stuff causes clutter and eye sore at home, which is why people tend to just get rid of the ones they know they do not need anymore.

Thankfully, online shopping has made de-cluttering a great way to not only clean up your space but also earn some extra funds. What’s more is that there are now several apps you can access through your phone to sell practically anything and get some cash, too. Ecommerce business

We rounded up the web for great apps you can use to sell online fast and easy.

  1. Amazon Seller App
  • A popular selling app will attract more customers, so you instantly get a big market.
  • It has amazing features such as buyer communication, sales ranking monitoring, and multiple product listing. View top ecommerce platforms 
  1. OfferUp
  • This app allows you to sell online—all products imaginable, known as one of the most versatile online business apps.
  • You get instant alerts each time a potential buyer connects with you. There is also a ratings system showing you how trustworthy a buyer/seller is.
  1. 5Miles
  • It allows you to search local classifieds, so you know that the seller is just within your area. It bases more on location and geography, and also shows yard sales online.
  • You only get to see items posted within 5 miles of where you are located—thus, the name. You do not have to travel very far to meet up.
  1. Poshmark
  • From its name, you can already sense the products this app allows its users to sell. A free app that allows you to sell high-end handbags and shoes.
  1. LetGo
  • You can sell most items such as phones, shoes, household items, etc. Like 5Miles, it is also geo-based. You can filter items based on your location.
  • You can use your Facebook account to secure your transactions as it imports profile picture and name.
  1. Trove Market
  • This app is perfect when you want to get rid of bigger household items and furniture.
  • It allows you to sell used furniture, and even hosts a community forum about furniture and home décor.
  1. Dealo
  • If you’re just browsing items, this app wouldn’t demand for you to sign up. However, you have to create your account if you want to sell here.
  • It is also a location specific app, but also allows you to sell even worldwide.
  1. Boxes
  • Combining ecommerce platforms and social media, this one allows you to catalog your items through photos. You then share your photo collections to sell it to other users.
  • It’s like Instagram for your products.
  1. Varage Sale
  • The word ‘varage’ is from virtual garage, which essentially describes this app. It is an online garage sale.
  • You can sell items you would expect to find in garage sales, like used clothing, toys, and baby gear.
  1. Marcari
  • You can sell gadgets and other electronics, clothes, and accessories. There are a lot of categories in this app to choose from, so it is safe to say that you can sell tons of unused items at home.
  • Share your listing in your social media accounts.
  • This app is free, and does not take any commission from the sales you make.
  1. Shpock
  1. Chairish
  • A free app where you can sell furniture and other home décor. However, you have to note that they focus more on more expensive, vintage pieces.
  • It has to be noted that Chairish charges 20% of commission fee in every sale.
  1. Carousell
  • With a pretty user interface, this app allows you to sell basically anything from clothing to gadgets.
  • It is very easy to do a product listing—it takes under 30 seconds, and you also get to share the listing on social media.
  1. Wallapop
  • This app enables you to sell items in your community for free.
  • It acts as your own virtual flea market, where you can sell a car, computer, clothes, baby gear, etc.
  1. Vinted
  • This app gives you the option to either buy, sell or swap used items—usually just fashion pieces.
  • Payments are processed in the app itself, but Vinted takes 19% commission from sales.
  1. Swaptions
  • Posting an item for sale takes less than a minute, and is completely free.
  • You can either sell or swap your items.
  1. Depop
  • This photo-based app allows users to sell anything from books to records. Like Instagram, you can use filters to enhance product images.
  • No commission fees are taken by this app.
  1. Tradyo
  • This classified app allows you to sell stuff to the people in the neighbourhood.
  • There is also a feature called the instant chat, so it is even easier and faster to turn your unused items into cash.
  1. OLX
  • A free app that gives an option to go the easier way and go for items sold near you.
  • You can sell anything.
  1. SocialSell
  • This app allows you buy and sell both new and used stuff locally. There is no website, just the Android and iOS apps.

These apps prove just how popular it is to sell online. If you’re still testing the waters to see if running an online business is for you, start with these powerful apps. It might just be the sign you’ve been waiting for.

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