Top 5 eCommerce Platforms for 2017

Customers nowadays enjoy the perks of buying online. What a comfort it is that you won’t need to dress up, go out of the house, and travel to buy what a simple mouse click can purchase. Because of this trend, online business owners found the need to have their products showcased and sell these online at the same time. Ecommerce platforms offer this and a lot more. There are lots to choose from, but we did compile a list of the top 5 eCommerce platforms for 2017 to help an entrepreneur decide which one will work for him. Ecommerce Platforms


New business owners who want an app to sell online will find Shopify easy to work with. The choice of over 325,000 merchants, Shopify offers the basic features that an eCommerce platform should ideally have in order to sell online. Very easy to customize, it has over a 100 templates to choose from and over a thousand apps to enrich site’s functionality. However, most of these apps are not free and you may find yourself paying more than what you have allotted for the development of your online store.


Hosting over 55,000 stores that sell online, BigCommerce is among the most popular and most preferred eCommerce platform today. It is offers all the functionality of an online store to make it operate smoothly and all you have to do is to sign up for an account through its website. One will never have a hard time using the site as it has a number of educational videos, guides, and tutorials for an awesome user experience. This app that sell online has built in features that a business owner will find useful. Learn more about wix


Considered as the best eCommerce platform for enterprise level online store with lots of products, Magento is the most preferred site because of its reliability and scalability. Popular brands used Magento to let their customers purchase their products online. It is easy to use and manage, it is an open source platform that can be customized easily. Magento will also let you sell through Facebook without an additional fee for this functionality.


The go-to eCommerce platform for multi-vendor stores such as Etsy and eBay. It is also packed with features to help your online business succeed. One good factor about Yokart is the after sales support it provides its customer. Online business owners are equipped with manuals, video tutorials, frequently asked questions, and a 12-month free store management support. However, its ability to sell across different platform is limited and there are currently no third-party extensions available to expand the functionality of the site.

Big Cartel

This app that sell online is for the artist and artist-at-heart. Requiring little to no experience, a business owner who will choose this platform will see that setting it up is easy and simple. It puts premium to the aesthetics of the site and will work best with artist entrepreneur who values creation and artistry over store management. But don’t think that the site is all about being pretty and all. It can sell online and access Facebook to do business there. Top 20 Apps to Sell Stuff: Sell Anything For Cash Online Fast

So, there you have the top five eCommerce platforms for 2017. Different strokes for different follks, what worked for you may not worked for others. There are quite a number of eCommerce platforms that offer different features. These features may sound superficial for you but it may be extremely important for the others. The key is to think about your priorities in choosing a platform and then check what platform offers such feature.

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