Which is the best e-Commerce Platforms for Entrepreneurs?

A wide array of eCommerce platforms is now availableas online business owners scurry towards launching their storefronts in the cloud.  While there are many eCommerce platforms to choose from, each one having their unique selling points over the others, a business owner must be careful in selecting which platform to use. Learn more about How to Sell Online

But how should an entrepreneur choose a platform that will enable him to sell online?

  • First thing to consider is the site’s speed. An app used to sell online that takes forever to load will drive away a potential customer. We say that technology makes everything fast and if you cannot get along, you’ll be left behind. No matter how excited a customer is with your product, if it doesn’t appear on the site within three seconds, he’ll look elsewhere.
  • Another factor to consider is the app’s mobile speed and responsiveness. Figures indicate that purchases made through a mobile device accounts for 60 percent of the time spent by a customer buying from apps that sell online. It is important that the eCommerce platform that you will choose operates well even on a mobile device.
  • Next, an online business owner should also look into the platform’s SEO performance. Search engine optimization holds relevance in the day-to-day operation of an online store. It drives people to your site, providing you a chance to turn a casual site visitor to a buying customer.
  • It also helps to look into how the platform will work as you expand your online business. Can it keep pace if you want to sell across different social media platforms? Will it be able to accept different payment options to make buying easy for the customers?
  • Most importantly, the platform you will choose to sell online should never give you a hard time in setting it up. It must be user-friendly enough that you can build your online store from scratch without the need to acquire the services of a technical personnel. And even if you did hire someone to build it up for you, you should be able to at least do the most basic stuff such as adding products, managing inventory, and other things.
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So based from these criteria, which eCommerce platforms will make online selling a breeze?

  1. Bigcommerce was placed on top of the most popular platforms to sell online. It performs well based on the standards mentioned above and will work best for startup businesses. It is a one-stop shop offering all the desired features of an eCommerce platform by just signing up for an account on its website.
  2. Another good option is The platform is known for its value for money feature. It is packed with functionalities for listing unlimited number of products, inventory, and SEO. It also offers checkout features and is integrated with customer relationship management.
  3. Third on the list is Shopify. It’s easy to use, handy dashboard will let you easily customize the site. Migration from another site to Shopify should not be a problem for it will provide you with a link if ever you will need to import data from another eCommerce platform.
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Content management and eCommerce works hand in hand with WooCommerce. This is an ideal site to choose if you are big with product descriptions, reviews, and first impressions. If you want to help your customers to make that decision, you can easily integrate a blog about the products you sell and you will not be required to put up another site just for that. WooCommerce works nicely with WordPress, so if you are experienced and well versed when it comes with WordPress, this platform is for you. View Magento theme

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